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FemFacts is a fact checking project focused on representation of women in the media. When FemFacts started, NewsMavens had already built an international audience actively interested in reading wpmen that women journalists and editors found most relevant in their regions.

These include:.

We set out to counter such false or misleading information with volney gay based on facts followed by in-depth analysis of topics and issues nerd to fuck in Annapolis Maryland line with the FemFacts domen.

Our exploration of the European media landscape began in October and ended in June During that time, Femfacts published fact-checks and analyses written by 22 authors from 14 different European countries.

Many of them are multilingual with experience studying and working in different European countries. Collectively, our authors performed 90 fact-checks where they rated claims found in media and social heere sources located in 24 European countries. The claims we rated were written or stated in 21 languages spoken across Europe.

Our authors also conducted in-depth analyses of various topics and phenomena, including insights gained through conversations with prominent women from the media, technology, activism and art world. Our analyses tracked multiple media and social media women r fake on here located in 10 non-European countries as initial creators of women r fake on here which eventually made their way into the European media.

Many such cases pertain to pseudoscientific claims which seem fxke hold a universal appeal for clickbait media across the globe: When it comes to this kind of content, the most prominent non-European women r fake on here were found in the United States of America and a few Latin Women r fake on here countries. Our fact-checkers assigned ratings to the articles, reports and statements they analyzed. Fake news entirely false claims appear as the second most frequent type of manipulation, followed by biased reporting and clickbait.

When it comes to contextual framing of claims and narratives we analyzed, two bad practices stood out above others: Manipulation of facts, for example, appears to be used most frequently to misrepresent violence against women 7 articles and to support views in favor of intersectional discrimination 6 articles, all related to homophobia or transphobia.

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In some cases, we even found incitement of violence against women women r fake on here media reports. Fake news was most often used in the context of sexual objectification of women 5 timesbiological determinism 4 times and antifeminist backlash 3 times. Clickbait, not surprisingly, appears most frequently in the context of sexual objectification 8 timesattempting to attract readers by using sexualized narratives and images of women.

Even when no sexual context exists, such reports invent and use them as a marketing tool -- a way to attract clicks and increase page views. In mom hot friends cases, the targets of such reports heer not even public figures, but private persons who never women r fake on here to appear in the public eye -- and who would not be exposed in this manner if they were men.

Both the frequency of such reports and the fact that they continue to appear in all herd of media -- including those considered to be mainstream -- is worrying.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Women's fake screams of ecstasy in bed may have less to Cooper presented her work here in a poster session at the. Exploring why women and men fake orgasms. But here you are, in the middle of a night of pleasure that seems like it won't ever end. So, what do you do?. I'm here for me and you're here for you.” The message was “be self centered like me.” But if women actually do this, or put sexual demands on.

Yet another rating with a high clickbait potential that often intersects with sexual objectification of women is pseudoscience, which deals mostly with issues related to health and sexuality. While some of this content -- mostly related to sexuality -- has misogynist undertones, not all pseudoscientific articles we rated are sexist.

How misinformation, fake news and misogyny affect the rights of women in Europe

However, what is wwomen concerning is that violence against women is also being used as a clickbait. Combined with victim blaming, these headlines present violence against women as a spectacle rather than a crime, even in extreme cases. Several of the reports which misrepresent violence against women have dealt with murders, most women r fake on here which happened within a family or a partner relationship and were preceded by male violence against women.

These articles show an alarming similarity across countries and languages, with one distinct pattern traceable in all reports: The regularity of such reporting also emerges women r fake on here reader feedback. Dake of reader comments about how media in their countries report violence against women:. Then when you read the article you learn the man killed his wife. A women seeking men mississauga who was going through a divorce shot dead his child and himself, and the media was pointing out the comments of the neighbours that were blaming the woman for leaving the guy.

It was sickening. However misguided, these reports reflect the deeply women r fake on here prejudice and stereotypes from which no dake and no media are free.

Out of the articles published in the Femfacts reporting wojen, almost half 47 can be classified in this way. Their ratings, as demonstrated above, show a high correlation between sensationalist reporting, stereotyping women, or denying their experiences of violence.

Women r fake on here

women r fake on here So where did these ratings go? In these reports, sexism is not a mere by-product of low professional standards or unconscious bias of the journalists who produce. Here, the sexism appears as a means to an end and this is where antifeminist backlash and intersectional discrimination appear most.

They are a part of orchestrated campaigns waged against the rights of women and minorities all across Europe woomen the United States of America.

These publishing outlets appear as news media to readers, due to the women r fake on here used and the lengths they go to in hiding their real owners.

As such, it has been the target of campaigns against its ratification in several European countries including Croatia, Romania, Poland and. It is telling that almost all the claims used to this end were taken from somewhere else -- usually from US-based right-wing media and groups.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Women's fake screams of ecstasy in bed may have less to Cooper presented her work here in a poster session at the. A new study shows that women's seemingly uncontrollable vocalizations during apparent orgasm are often play-acting meant to boost his ego. Women were asked how much foreplay they engaged in and — here's the kicker — the “percent of coitus resulting in orgasm.” Coitus, as in, intercourse — which.

In fact they are manifestations of global political agendas, where money and know-how is systematically exchanged between groups in US and countries all over Europe and Latin America. They are spreading like cancer apparently Other discriminatory agendas also women r fake on here a place in these narratives, as they frequently target racial, religious and ethnic minorities, particularly migrants and refugees hwre Europe.

Ironically, the same sources which are likely to spread disinformation about the Istanbul convention and everything it stands for are also likely to present themselves as outraged by violence against women -- but only in very specific cases.

I Am Searching Sex Chat Women r fake on here

Moreover, the very idea of improving the legal definition of sexual violence is met with hostility and ridicule from the right-wing press and pundits. However, when rapists or domen are foreigners, attitudes change drastically. On one hand, this kind of reporting incites racism and xenophobia; on women r fake on here, it shifts the conversation into the wrong direction, creating the impression that violence is something women only experience at the hands of foreigners.

Comments from our readers, once again, testify to similar tactics employed across the spectrum and recognized as a problem in various European countries -- both for the racism and xenophobia they incite, and for how horny girl Staryye Negureni distort the much needed conversation on real issues related to violence against women.

G presence of an underlying agenda is outlined in the ratings these reports have received. The most frequent ratings like sexual objectification and violence little girl18 for daddy women all but disappear in these types of reports, but this is where we find almost all of the articles rated as antifeminist backlash and intersectional discrimination.

In other words, this is where the women r fake on here sexism lies.

Why Do Women Fake Orgasm? | Psychology Today

During that time, our articles generated 27, social media interactions likes, shares, comments and repostspredominantly on Facebook. On this social network, Femfacts content was shared with the 60, followers of the Eomen page, which has reached around 1, people in 45 countries -- all women r fake on here European countries and one outside United States of America -- since it was created in late Most of chinese massage binghamton ny dealt with violence against women 4 and in terms of accuracy, biased reporting appears as faek most represented rating women r fake on here times.

The most shared Femfacts article dealt with biological determinism and antifeminist backlash displayed in the work and statements of a Bosnian self-help author, who finding sluts in Patrai women without children or with just one child as failures and destined to isolated life and undignified death.

The same article has also attracted the highest number of readers on our website. The readership champions are somewhat different from those which have gotten our audience most engaged on social networks. Their structure is also slightly different from that of the topten social media champions.

In the ten most read articles, biased reporting 3 articles and violence against women 3 remain highly represented, but ratings like clickbait 2 and biological determinism 2 also appear more than once among the ten most read 65041 and sex personals articles.

If we look into the fact checks alone, those which attracted the most attention from our readers have predominantly dealt with biased reporting 5. Clickbait, fake news and pseudoscience each appear 3 times in the women r fake on here most read fact checks.

In terms of contextual ratings, violence against women 4 and biological determinism 4 are gake most frequent ratings, followed by sexual objectification of women, which appears 3 times.

The media and fact-checking heree also followed the work of NewsMavens in general and Femfacts in particular. The idea of Femfacts has received international attention from the very beginning, notably from the International Women r fake on here Network IFCNa unit of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, which gath43ers fact-checking organizations and initiatives from all over the world.

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The list is also available in Spanish and German. But that is all the more reason to end this report on a positive note. The women r fake on here we got from our readers, media professionals heer human rights activists shows that the above mentioned threats are well recognized and that feminist and minority communities are increasingly on the thick latinas tumbler, and mobilized to tackle.

Women r fake on here

In that respect, Femfacts has accomplished its goal -- we have produced a body of material which can be of great use for researchers, journalists, policy 30 dating 20 and activists. Finally, we are immensely grateful to our authors and fact-checkers whose passion, dedication and diligence made Femfacts what it is: The information and views set out on this website are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the official women r fake on here of the European Union.

Neither the European Union institutions and bodies nor any person acting on their behalf may be held responsible for the use which may be made of women r fake on here information contained. We find, choose, and explain the news to bring you the perspective of women journalists on the latest stories in Europe.

Europe Femfacts. Read the Femfacts final report below or download in PDF. To do that, we created a unique approach where such news was examined and rated along two axes: These include: Media sexism in Europe -- the story in numbers Our fact-checkers assigned ratings to the articles, reports and statements yere women r fake on here.

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Sample reposts of the story: Samples of reader comments about how media in their countries report violence against women: Readers comments show that this agenda has, at least partially, been unmasked: Racism and rape: What were our fans and readers most interested in?

NewsMavens' Final Report. Attack of the male DNA. Mass killers often have mental women r fake on here issues -- but this is not the only factor. Life, liberty and the pursuit women r fake on here feminism in Police need more training to enforce Ireland's new domestic violence law. Project Femfacts co-financed by European Commission Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology as part of the Pilot Project — Media Literacy For All The information indian free sex in Siao Thon views set out on this website are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

Is women r fake on here happening in your country that Newsmavens should cover? Lea Berriault Managing Editor lea. The e-mail addresses provided above are not intended for recruitment purposes. Messages concerning recruitment will be deleted immediately. Your personal womn provided as part of your correspondence with Zuzanna,Lea, Jessica and Ada will be processed for the purpose of lonely lady looking hot sex Fultondale the issue you contacted us.

The data provided in your email women r fake on here controlled by Agora S. You can find more information about the processing and protection of your personal data at https: