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Today is my bday i want a fwb I Am Seeking Sexual Dating

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Today is my bday i want a fwb

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Today is my bday i want a fwb I Want Men

Did my FWB fall for me? Aug 2, 1.

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Some backstory on us and our friendship today is my bday i want a fwb we met at a frat party during websites to meet women freshman year and he is one year ahead of me.

We slept together that night and started regularly smashing about a month later. He's nice, funny, and we have a good time together whenever we hang. We don't really have the standard fwb situation because we go places together and hang out, one on one. I'm going to go into a lot of unnecessary detail so that you can visualize how hood novelesque this situation. Now here's the tea Yesterday was my birthday and he sent me a present.

Here it is: View attachment It's one of the cutest things I've ever received in my life but odd to me coming from a dip.

So I text him to tell him thank you and to maybe ask if he was dtf tonight. It was my birthday, don't judge me.

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He said he's down but doesn't know if he'll be free later. I was readt for dack. My weave was fresh.

Topic: Birthday present fwb?

I was geeked to go do heaux shit with my friends. Sensing my thotty plans, he shows up at my apt without calling or anything with more flowers and asks me if I liked the cake. My face was like: I didn't want to be rude, so I made up some lie about it being to early for cake. He then says he wants to take me to the Cheesecake Factory.

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Keep in mind, I'm dressed like a heaux and ready to engage in heaux activities. I say ok because again, I don't want to be rude. Today is my bday i want a fwb get there and everyone's staring at us because I'm sure it looked like that scene in Madea goes to jail, when the lawyer takes his prostitute friend out to eat.

So we order our food and he starts talking, I'm not really listening until he asks me if I wanted to go with him to a family dinner coming up later this month. That's weird thing for a fwb to ask. I say I'll have to see if I'm free but it shouldn't be a problem. He then starts telling me how special I am to him and how he's lucky that we met. My mind is in full on red alert at this point.

I'm saying shit like "you're today is my bday i want a fwb cool too" and "I think you're neat" to try and steer away from this conversation. We eat in relative silence until the bill comes. In the year I've known homeboy, he has never paid for.

When we would go out, we paid for our own shit, no matter. When I tell you I nearly choked when he paid for.

I tried to tell him I could pay for my own food but he wouldn't let me. We strip club sex and went want oral Anniston fuck to my house.

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When we were intimate, he was way gentler and more tender than usual. It was weird. Then afterwards he wanted to cuddle.

Then I had to damn near force him out of my house to have some peace this morning. He wanted to cuddle in my bed all morning and shit.


Today is my bday i want a fwb

Up until this point, I thought everything else was just because it was my birthday and he wanted to do something special. Now he won't stop texting me asking what Qant doing.

What do y'all think, does he want to be bae or nah? Showed up unannounced and took me to the Cheesecake Factory while dressed like a heaux.

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Started telling ie how special I am to him then paid for all of our food. We slept together afterwards and he was really gentle and wanted to cuddle all night and the morning. Does he want to be more than fwb?

Last edited: Aug 2, Aug 2, 2. This was so beautifully and hoodly written.

9 Tips For Having A Healthy Friends-With-Benefits Relationship

I do think he caught feelings because paying for food was roday nice gesture on someone's birthday, but all the gifts were too much for a FWB. Tell him he's doing a lot and needs to stop. So did you ditch your friends today is my bday i want a fwb go to the Cheesecake Factory with him or did the heauxtivities persist? Aug 2, 3. He definitely has feelings for bxay but clearly you're not into him so you're gonna have to say bye to the dick soon.

Thanks x 10 LOL!

My Friend-with-Benefits’ birthday is coming up. Do I get him something? – A Mighty Love

Aug 2, 4. Awww, he definitely sounds like he w to date you bisexual women 78132 ohio. You don't sound interested so I'd let him go if that's the case.

If he's just dick to you, let him find someone who wants his heart and soul. Thanks x Aug 2, 5. So you're sexing someone you'd never entertain a relationship withe7 The game is so confusing these days.

Aug 2, 6. Aug 2, 7. I'm cackling as hard as the emoticon under my avi: Aug 2, 8. First Happy Belated Birthday to you. That was so cute on what he did for your birthday. LOL he just straight cockblock your slutty plans.

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Today is my bday i want a fwb must had knew you was up to something so that why he show up unannounced. Now far as for your male friend because I really don't think you and him are FWB or on booty call level either you ask him straight up what he want from you or just take it oneday at a time and let it happen. OP you need what happens when you have sex ask yourself what exactly do you want out of this situation?

Thanks x 7. Aug 2, 9.

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Half the women on LSA complain about men not being nice. The other half complain when a man is too nice Thanks x 14 LOL! Thanks x 4. You really don't know. So stop assuming and have that talk with. Thanks x 3. Sounds like View attachment See where it could go gurl!!! If you ain't down for that then let him know.

Thanks x 2 LOL! View attachment Thanks x 3 Hugs! It's not even the gifts that threw me off. Y'all are still friends and it was your bday, so why not? That's too much for an FWB, in my mom interracial.

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So yea, I wouldn't be surprised if he caught feelings. Thanks x 3 Disagree! No wonder he likes you OP.